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* Peter Griffin Soundboard *
Listen to what the man, the legend, Peter Griffin has to say!
Controls:Use the mouse to move.


Family Guy Hunting Family Guy Hunting
Date Added : Apr 17 |
Go hunting with Peter Griffin in this fun family guy game. You play as Peter Griffin, using a shotgun.
Games Category : Family Guy Games | 69775 Views

Family Guy - Save The Couch Family Guy - Save The Couch
Date Added : Aug 18 |
Star Wars themed Family Guy game. Dodge any gun fire that tries to hit the couch as long as you can before time runs out.
Games Category : Family Guy Games | 407370 Views

Peter Griffin Torture Chamber Peter Griffin Torture Chamber
Date Added : Jan 6 |
Torture Peter Griffin in a number of funny ridiculous ways. Not really a family guy game, more like an interactive flash game.
Games Category : Family Guy Games | 490372 Views

Stewie To The Egg Stewie To The Egg
Date Added : Nov 22 |
Help Stewie get to the egg without blowing up his battle ship.
Games Category : Family Guy Games | 368290 Views

Family Guy Quiz Family Guy Quiz
Date Added : Sep 20 |
Not the easiest quiz game. If you are truly a hardcore Family Guy fan this quiz should be no problem for you!
Games Category : Family Guy Games | 362314 Views

Family Guy Stewie Shooter Family Guy Stewie Shooter
Date Added : Aug 30 |
Stewie knows his family is out to ruin his plans. Now it's space gun time!!!
Games Category : Family Guy Games | 383241 Views

Peter VS Giant Chicken Peter VS Giant Chicken
Date Added : Aug 30 |
Unfortunately this game is only two players. Peter knows Giant Chicken is a beast!
Games Category : Family Guy Games | 424507 Views

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